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CSS Holdings Inc.



Real Estate

Our Companies



An Outsourcing solution for fast-growing businesses around the world. Private Outsourcing done right.

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You Vaycay Inc.


A real estate investment firm with a focus on vacation and short-term rentals.

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VR Partyz Inc.

A Virtual Reality gaming company with a focus on customer-Site events and partyz.

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LivePOS Inc.


A SAAS Cloud Point of Sale solution designed exclusively for chains and franchises.

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OUR Mantra

CSS Holdings is a family owned business, spanning across three generations, all with the simple belief that  working hard and making responsible decisions is what makes our portfolio excel.  We strongly believe in "people first", and look at sales and marketing as distant seconds.  Yes, money makes the world go around, but we believe it should go around for everyone.  From the guy who is answering the phones on his first job after college to the senior vice president who takes a month off to visit relatives in another country.  We all work together to make CSS Holdings the successful organization that it is.  Without the dedication of our employees, the love and appreciation of our customers, and the undivided attention that our senior executives give to every single decision, we would go nowhere.

So this is for you, the receptionist, the programmer, the vice president , the cleaning crew, and all the rest of our 100 employees around the globe, THANK YOU for making us what we are today.


OUR Founders

Sammy Kahen
President ​
Liad Biton

Contact Us


9528 Miramar Rd Suite 110
San Diego, CA 92126

Tel:  888.884.9224

Office meetings by appointmant only.

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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